In Dutch many people are on their smart phones. Not only Dutch but many other places too. But Dutch is what I am going to explain about. So whenever they have a chance, they look down at their screens. I mean almost every minute. So I would describe them as “Zombies.” “Smartphone Zombies.”

So, They think in  Bodegraven-Reeuwijk they found a way to help distracted  pedestrians.They installed silluminated light emitting diode strip of light into the pavement. They are called “+Lichtlijn,”in Dutch and  “light lines” in English.


They did their best to find a way to make it more safe for these walking people to not be on their screens all the time.

The idea, officials said, is that people on their phones are going to be staring toward their feet anyway. Why not make it more likely that they will still be able to see the traffic light in their immediate peripheral vision?

“The lure of social media, games, WhatsApp and music is great,” said town alderman Kees Oskam in a statement. And, he added. “As a government, we probably can’t reverse this trend, but we can anticipate problems.”