For this season on Bachelor, Nick visits his last four girls hometowns

Raven Gates



Rachel Lindsay

Vanessa Grimaldi

And Corinne Olympio


So lets start out with Rachel. Instead of taking Nick to Dallas, she toke him to a church service. That’s good she wants to be holy and give him holiness too.


Now for Corinne. Oh Corinne, you never know what going to happen when she is with Nick. Corrine toke him to one of the best places. The mall.and bought him a $3000 dollar outfit. She told him she Loves him  that day which he totally didn’t back that out. Then after all that stuff, they go to visit her family. While Corrine father grills Nick talks and talks and Corrine. He pretty much gone through it great.

With Vanessa they went to a school. Vanessa is a teacher if you didn’t know and she brought him there to see her students. Her class works on a scrapbook, documenting all of her memories with Nick, and end the morning with a big group hug.Then,Vanessa’s situation is like indescribable, because her parents are divorced and  so they’ll have two houses today.

Her mom’s side is good, because there’s a ton of family there, and none of them are there to simply welcome Nick. They’re strict on Nick, because they want a good man for their girl. But after the tears, when it appears he’s won them over, Nick faces Vanessa’s dad who takes questioning to a whole new level.


Raven rides up on a four wheeler, hands Nick a helmet and leads him off to a grain bin where they’re “caught by the police,” who is actually her brother. Off the hook from the law, they go mudding in someone’s field, which as a Tennessee native, I can confirm that’s a big no-no. But this is The Bachelor, so it’s fine.They had a great time.

More next week!!!!!