USA magazine– Corinne, Danielle M., Jasmine, Rachel, Raven and Vanessa were all asked out on the group date, leaving Danielle L. and Whitney with the harsh realization that they’d be on the second two-on-one date of the season.

Feeling thankful, the six women met Nick on a catamaran, which took them to a remote beach. They took shots and drank cocktails, played cornhole and a game of volleyball. More noteworthy: Nick pretended to be a dinosaur, and none of the women were turned off.

During the volleyball game, all the women became frustrated about not having individual time with Nick. Jasmine took it out on Corinne, and pushed her to the ground. (Don’t worry, Corinne laughed about it.) Rachel was ready to go home. Vanessa didn’t “feel valued.” Instead of anyone asking Nick for alone time, everyone quit the game and went their separate ways to pout. Nick deemed the day “pretty much a disaster.”

That night, Nick’s bad luck continued when he realized he had to actually talk to the women about their feelings. (Ugh!) Unfortunately for Jasmine, who had complained nonstop to the other women about her lack of time with the Bachelor, Nick had had enough of the emotions when it was her turn with him. She told him she likes him, but could choke him (sexually) for his lack of expressed interest. Nick wasn’t into that kind of thing and sent her home, though he did “appreciate [her] sharing this.”

Raven got the group date rose, probably because she complained the least.

And a Two-on-One Disaster!

Everyone was in “just panic mode,” as Corinne put it, but the dating show must go on. Danielle L. and Whitney met Nick at a helicopter for a casual lift to another beach.

Nick split off with Whitney to stroke her leg and tell her that she was beautiful and calming for him. This seemed like a nice time, until…

Nick was talking to Danielle L. about their chemistry. She told him she saw a future with him, which made him realize he didn’t see a future with Whitney. He immediately dumped Whitney and re-boarded the helicopter with Danielle L., and — learning from past mistakes — left Whitney so stranded that she couldn’t follow them to their next destination.

Back at the penthouse, the women watched Whitney’s suitcase disappear and continued to question everything. Danielle M. said she did not see Nick with Danielle L., and it turned out she was right because…

Just when Danielle L. said she was falling in love, Nick stopped making eye contact with her. He seemed sincerely sorry when he told her that he wanted it to be her, but it wasn’t. He called this his “most heartbreaking goodbye.”

Because he wasn’t emotional enough, right after ending two relationships in one day — and three relationships in two days — and six relationships in three days! — Nick walked straight to the penthouse housing his six remaining relationships. Crying, he announced that he didn’t “know if he [could] keep doing this.”

We’ll have to wait until next week to see if any of the women run after their man.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

By: Usmagazine.com